In the Beginning: A video on Weblogs History

In a nutshell

On March 2000, I attended the first FlashForward conference in San Francisco, CA. As to not miss the chance to catch in on the then-emerging Pyra / Blogger™team, I arranged a date with them. Blogger is the name of what was first conceived as a business-oriented CMS that in the end turned into the very first tool to bring weblogging to the masses.

I still remember when Meg greeted me on the phone. It all seemed like it was going to be something very special.

And special it was - as you can see on the linked movie. Those were the days well before weblogs were a mass commodity, before Blogspot, and specially before all those fancy CMSs appeared on the scene.

Long ago, I had a more rudimentary version of these movies online, and Meg wrote a great note on them. Sadly, when I had to switch hosting services, all that got lost. Years passed by and I never seemed to have a chance to fix the situation. It wasn't until recently, with the adquisition of an analog-to-DV video transfer device, that I was able to re-create these videos - and in a much better way.

The Movie

Update Apr-7-2008: Let's keep up with the times - this video is on YouTube now as well.

Alternatively, you can download it as a 14 MB Quicktime 6 file. No Quicktime? You can download it from It's free. If you have iTunes on your PC, you have it already. Like, duh.


Why should I care?

For those who have followed and have been part of the world of weblogs since the beginning, this will bring you a whiff of nostalgia for "the way things were". For those newcomers into the blogging scene, it will bring some historic feedback on how Blogger (and the weblog world at large) came to be.

Boring Technical Stuff

I assembled this mess from the original 8mm tapes, transferring them into my iMac using the Hollywood DV-Bridge from Dazzle.. Then I used iMovie 3 for video capture, editing and special effects. It was while doing this that I realized I like to have access to more advanced editing options, and getting them done with iMovie sometimes turned out to be a royal pain. It's not meant to win an Oscar anyway :) ... but I guess it didn't fare that bad either.

The stamped clock on some shoots - blame it to the naiveté of a camera newbie. I bought the camcorder on my first SF trip (1999), and the stamped shots are from that time.

The Aged Film effect got badly overrun by movie compression. I have another movie file which is double the size (30 MB) but it is much more bearable to watch. If you are interested, please email me.

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